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Gift envelopes | Meg's Garden DT

Hello Meg's Garden fans!
Marina is here today and I want to share with you my new projets with  Alchemy 101 collection. You know this is vintage collection with mixed-media look but also it's perfect for men works. Want to see the proofs? Here they are!  :-) Three different gift envelopes with one Alchemy 101 collection :-)
the first one
 some close-ups:

 I wanted to create different works, so decided to use contrast papers and here background is in cold grey tones and central cluster is in warm brown tones. For all envelopes as first step I fussy-cutted all the details from Ephemera sheets and after just layered all of them before got the perfect result.

the second one:

 here I used warm colors for the background and added dark elements for the contrast. the big clock is perfect for the main accent :-)

and the last one for today
 a few details:

this envelope is my fav :-)  because it is in light colors, despite the vintage appearance of the collection and the abundance of brown. and the best part of it this little pretty tag :-)

Hope you were enjoyed and inspired by my works and this collection and will create your oun Alchemy 101 projects!
Have a great day,

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