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Robin's Nest DT Call

Hi there!
Here is my post with tutorial for Robin's Nest blog.
Unfortunately I don't have Robin's Nest papers yet, but hope can get it soon! ))) So I decided to use lots of paper in my project and a little bit of different embellishments (dew drops, chipboards, buttons, etc) and without any mixed-media technics. I think it's very fun to play only with paper!
So here is my tutorial:

I used: patterned cardstock, vellum, stickers, cards, die-cuts, electronic cuts, different embellishments, dew drops, sequins and everything you think you will be able to use in your project
Make a base for our photo - glue a piece of vellum and then glue a horizontal piece of paper. Add border stickers
 Add a banner from paper stripe and all your die-cuts. Don't forget to glue them in different levels for more texture and intresting look.
 Add chipboard to the back side of the photo for lift it up above the composition.
 I decided to add sisal for more intresting texture.
 Glue some chipboard pieces on the back of our fox - it have to be on the same level as photo.
 Add a photo and your embellishments.
  It's time for a title! )))) I can't choose what colour to use and decided to combine all of them! Just cover your title with your favourite glue and add glitter colour after colour.
 Prepare a base for our title - glue a piece of vellum and a part of a border sticker.
 Add our glittered title and chipboard acorn - and our layout almost done!
 The final step is to add dew drops and sequins.

 And here is the result:
Robin's Nest DT Call @akonitt #layout #by_marina_gridasova
 a few details

The dew drops and other beautiful scrapbooking stuff can be found on Robin's Nest shop.

Hope you will like my layout with tutorial :-)
Have a great day!

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  1. great photo and project, thanks for your interest in being on the Robin Nest DT

  2. ой, Марина, до чего ж красиво! Все-таки осенняя гамма в скрап-работах моя любимая. Спасибо, что делишься тем, как ты это делаешь :)

    1. Ксюш, спасибо большое ))))) ну эта страничка вообще довольно простая, наслаивай себе бумажки и наслаивай )))

  3. Красивая фотография, Марина))
    И лисички эти такие чудесные. Удачи!
    пс. как у тебя сил хватает на несколько дк?:)

    1. Настя, спасибо)))) лисички да, прелесть-прелесть))))
      тайм-менеджмент наше все )))) ну и плюс я выбираю только те дк, которые мне интересны (кто бы знал, во сколько дк меня не взяли!))))

  4. Марин, очень красиво! Лисички да, обожайка! И гамма моя любимая у тебя))


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